By David McPhail
Charlesbridge Publishing, $15.95, 32 pages

Where can a recently escaped lion go to play and hide out when zoo keepers are on the lookout?  Pig Pig’s house, of course! Pig Pig and the lion gallop downstairs, over chairs and even on top of the television set! Pig Pig’s mother doesn’t seem to mind. After all, friends come in many shapes and sizes, and surely the lion will go back to the zoo soon. Won’t he?

Pig Pig Meets the Lion, by David McPhail, is the newest addition to the Pig Pig story collection. It is a simple tale that puts as much emphasis on prepositions as it does on invading lions. Each page contains a featured preposition in large bold type and highlights the word’s importance in the sentence. Although younger readers might not grasp the grammar lesson, they will certainly be engaged by the bright colors and funny illustrations found in this lighthearted book.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Goss

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