By Carla Killough McClafferty
Scholastic, $6.99, 144 pages

Tech Titans displays the insuperable lives of six well-known technology inventors, founders and icons: Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple Computers and Pixar, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google. Written to a younger audience (Ages 9-14), it remains true to the short attention span of its readers, giving a succinct synopsis of each of these characters’ lives, business decisions and successes. This is an excellent compilation of biographies to give direction, hope and motivation to a younger reader. Unemotional and unbiased in the delivery, the accounting of these amazing and freakishly driven men is revealed with limited detail, stirring readers to stretch themselves and take chances. It’s obvious as you read Tech Titans what makes these men unique and so successful. The end result is a fascinating and encouraging read inspiring the reader to reach for the stars, take a chance on dreams and think outside the box.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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