By Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
Tor Forge, $27.99, 496 pages

In Sisterhood of Dune, the latest installment of the Dune series, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson pick up the story 80 years after the Army of Humanity defeated the Omnius Evermind. The Bene Gesserit, Mentat and Suk Schools are each threatened by an independent anti-technology military force unchecked by a weak Emperor. VenPort Holdings, with its monopoly on instant point-to-point transport through foldspace, using its mutated Navigators, is also drawn into conflict with the anti-technology movement led by followers of the martyr Rayna Butler. The biggest threat to the Sisterhood’s future is its difficulty in creating more Reverend Mothers through the use of the near-death poisoning process. Even Vorian Atreides is drawn back into the story as he is pursued by the descendants of Abulurd Harkkonen. The novel reveals how the Sisters are almost disbanded, but with help from an unexpected quarter, manage to survive. The good news is that the authors left plenty of plot lines to work with in future novels. The better news is that more than 10,000 years of Duniverse history remain to be explored before the setting of the original Frank Herbert novels that launched the series.

Reviewed by Brenda Searle

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