By Lori Hogan
Crown Publishing, Image Books
$18.00, 276 pages

Strength for the Moment is a celebration of people who give their time and energy to caring for others. Author, Lori Hogan, is a caregiver herself. She has experience caring for a grandmother plagued by dementia and a mentally handicapped brother. When Hogan refers to caregivers as heroes, readers can sense her sincerity. She knows firsthand the dedication that is required. The book is a collection of 52 stories written by a wide range of caregivers. They write for an audience that includes parents, adult children, nurses and special needs families. Some are sad stories that will bring a tear to the eye. Others are humorous and uplifting. But all provide comfort and inspiration.

Caretaking can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Hogan encourages caregivers to push through frustration, grief, resentment, pain and stress. She wants readers to know that they are not alone. Hogan’s book is set entirely within a religious context.  Each story ends with a prayer written by Hogan. She also includes passages from the Bible to provide guidance and wisdom. She never questions God’s presence. But even readers who have questions about faith can benefit from this book. Hogan is an extremely positive person. Her book will inspire many.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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