By Jared Axelrod, Illustrated by Steve Walker
Tor Forge, $25.99, 144 pages

Journalism on a flying city can be a definite problem; if the Powers That Be no longer like you, disposing of the body is easy. In The Battle of Blood and Ink, Ashe publishes the most aggravating one-sheet on Amperstam, which reveals the truth that the Powers That Be want hidden. As part of her investigations, she finds out the secret fuel source of the flying city and a possible lifesaver for one of her childhood friends.

This is a book that you will enjoy. The artwork and graphics are a little rough and need some polishing, but they work. The story is some serious fun; it is a rollicking adventure in the finest “Nelly Bly meets Perils of Pauline” fashion. The story has just enough of a humor/horror mix to keep you interested, and the twist at the end is well earned. The characters are very well written, with their own flaws and moments to shine; even the villain is sympathetic. By the end of the book, lives are saved, power has been shifted, and you will have had a great time.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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