By Spencer Quinn
Atria Books, $25.00, 320 pages

The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Spencer Quinn is a book not only for dog-lovers. This reviewer had not read the three previous books in the series, but that didn’t hinder the reading experience in any way. Bernie Little is a private detective and Chet is his dog. Bernie is hired to escort a woman to her son’s summer camp and act as a buffer between her and her ex-husband. However, what starts as a simple assignment turns into a missing person when the woman’s son disappears and later to the murder case. The reader would be eager to find out how this mystery is solved. The story is told through the eyes of Chet, the dog and this is the best part of the book. Chet is a smart and cute dog, his charming canine character is written very well and the interpretations he makes regarding human behavior are both hilarious and insightful. This book is a quick read and has some nice surprises while Bernie and Chet solve the current case.

Reviewed by Jina Oravetz

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