By Deborah Putnoi
Trumpeter, $17.95, 192 pages

The Drawing Mind is to right brain people what Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is to left brain people. And that clue is probably enough to tell whether this book might be for you. Analytical types may find it baffling, creative types may find it inspiring. If you are looking for a book to help you learn to draw what you see with great accuracy, this is not it. If, however, you are looking for motivation to use a pencil to  explore the subjective, you will find it full of exercises and ideas. This endeavor starts with the banishing of rules and moves into making a mess, drawing with your eyes closed, and drawing sensations like sound, smell and touch. The drawings in the book, filling all blank spaces, are crude and impressionistic, illustrating the author’s intent for each exercise. This book will probably be most appreciated by someone trying to loosen up mental constraints between mind and hand. It also would be a useful book for the leader of group drawing exercises.

Reviewed by Brenda Searle

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