By Liz Curtis Higgs
Waterbrook Press, $14.99, 240 pages

Sometimes a little familiarity is a bad thing. The Girl’s Still Got It looks at the story of Ruth, and its importance to Christianity in general. It breaks it down rather solidly, with each chapter looking at a specific arc of the story under a microscope, comparing different versions of The Bible as well as looking at the symbology of what has been said and done. By the time Higgs is through, it is easy to respect Ruth’s story.

Familiarity, however, is the book’s biggest fault. The academics behind the book are something worthy of some serious respect, and the comparison of different texts in order to gain a fuller understanding of the subject makes for some interesting reading. Looking at how the utilization of the customs of the time emphasized what was being said in the story is also a nice touch. However, at times the language turns rather informal, and the insertion of informal language is usually distracting, forcing attention on to the words describing the action rather than on the action itself. Nonetheless, it is a great book for someone looking for some insight on one of The Bible’s greatest women.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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