By Kurt Loder
Thomas Dunne Books, $21.99, 536 pages

What is your favorite movie? How about the worst movie you have ever seen? Could you imitate the great duo Roger and Ebert and review the films? Now imagine reviewing more than 200 of the best and worst movies of 21st century cinema. Kurt Loder takes the art of film critique into the new millennium in his book, The Good, the Bad, and the God-Awful. Loder knows what he is talking about; he has been in the midst of pop-culture debates for several decades. He was a staff writer and senior editor at Rolling Stone magazine for nine years, a writer and host of MTV’s “The Week in Rock” for more than ten years, and a movie reviewer for Loder’s witty style adds humor to entries that cover a wide range of genres. Read about indie and foreign films, documentaries, mega-Hollywood blockbusters, romantic comedies, creepy horror stories, laugh-out-loud (or not) comedies, sci-fi flicks and perhaps most entertaining of all, the flops from each category. This book is a must read for any film buff. Loder’s keen understanding and unique take on pop culture makes his reviews even better than most of the films he is reviewing.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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