By Emily Seife
Scholastic Press, $7.99, 128 pages

This companion book to The Hunger Games introduces you to the world of Panem, the Hunger Games, and the tributes from each district. It summarizes the tribute selection process and the training in the capitol up until the tributes are led to the Hunger Games arena.

The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide, while meant to be a fun companion book to the trilogy, leaves the reader wanting. Although it walks you through the tribute selection and training process, it is basically just a summary of what was seen in the movie and an opportunity to provide movie stills. It would have been a much better book if additional information had been filled in regarding other tribute names, tribute skills, and information that is not previously known. Instead, many tributes are listed as “Tribute Boy” and “Tribute Girl,” without the decency of a name. If this book is meant as a program to the Hunger Games for each Capital citizen, it should have had the additional details filled in.

As such, The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide left a lot to be desired in terms of information, style and consistency. If the reader wanted to read the same information as the Tribute Guide offers, the reader would be better served just reading The Hunger Games trilogy.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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