By Matthew Barrett Gross and Mel Gilles
Prometheus Books, $18.00, 255 pages

The apocalypse is coming, but it has a lousy alarm clock. The Last Myth looks at apocalyptic thinking and why it seems so prevalent today. It looks at the religious apocalypse that some think is coming, as well as the ecological, and looks at how they may actually be doing some good. It also explores the apocalypse throughout history, and how few cultures even had an apocalypse. Although it can get dry in some places, overall this is a great book to read before you get too caught up worrying about the end of the world.

This is an incredibly informative look at the various forms of apocalyptic thinking that plagues today’s world. The writing is nicely informal; making for a conversational tone on what could be dreadfully boring reading. Also, the notes make for supplemental reading, as well as having some great information, as opposed to just sources. A fascinating aspect of this book is how we look at the very nature of how we perceive time and how it affects our thinking. Overall, this book may change how you feel about the end of the world, and how you choose to deal with your future.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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