By Julie Klassen
Bethany House, $14.99, 416 pages

Have you ever tried to masquerade your identity and live among your peers? Margaret Macy has found herself almost a prisoner in her new stepfather’s home, but she is to inherit a fortune on her next birthday as long as she remains unwed. She overhears her stepfather and his nephew Marcus planning to trap her into marrying Marcus.

The story takes place in the 1800s in England with lavish country estates and live-in servants. Margaret plans her escape from London disguised as a housemaid. She ends up playing the role even though she never had to work a day in her life. She has always judged people by their appearance. As a housemaid, she discovers that appearances can be deceiving and some of the servants are most kind.

Julie Klassen brings her characters to life no matter what their circumstances hold. Filled with suspense, danger, love and many other emotions, this book keeps you biting your nails as the story unfolds. From sword fighting to the downstairs antics of the servants, you live with them and through them. I highly recommend this book as one you will enjoy and remember for a long time.

Reviewed by Mary Church

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