By Diane Duane
About Comics, $9.99, 104 pages

Prince Ivan is shy around girls, gets tongue-tied when they speak to him, and blushes if one walks by. How can such a prince become a fairy tale hero? New York Times best-selling author Diane Duane tells Ivan’s tale in The Misadventures of Prince Ivan. This is not your average, run-of-the-mill royal story. Duane mixes in romance, humor, and even talking animals! Freelance artist Sherlock (Sherry L. Watson) packs every cell with detailed drawings of Prince Ivan’s story. After leaving the castle to look for love, Prince Ivan meets Marya Morevna, sorceress and warrior maiden, and they are married. She warns Ivan never to go into the locked room in the cellar where she has locked up Koschei the Undying, the greatest sorcerer in the world. Once Prince Ivan unknowingly releases Koschei, the evil sorcerer seeks his revenge by kidnapping Marya. So begins the world’s biggest fairytale smack down. The story is geared more toward an adult audience versus a comic book for kids. Readers will enjoy Little Humbacked Horse, a talking character who rescues Prince Ivan from a crafty witch, Baba Yaga. The horse loves junk food and running at mach two. Who will make it out alive of this fairytale fiasco?

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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