By David Weinberger
Basic Books, $25.99, 256 pages

Nowadays the way information is created, stored, collected and shared has changed. In the past pre-connected networked world we knew where to seek for information and knowledge. Answers were found in traditionally published books and from well established experts. You could look it up and move on to the next question. But in today Internet age, knowledge isn’t only moved onto networks, but there is more data exist than ever. The knowledge expands rapidly and more information could be gleaned easily. An answer can be researched virtually forever within an ever expanding scope, and no one agrees what the facts are anymore. A fact is no longer a fact. The world is Too Big To Know. This is the premise of author David Weinberger ‘s engrossing and informative book. He clearly shows how business, science, education and the government become aware of this and use Internet to make smarter decisions and ask deeper questions. The author of this book questions our assumptions about the nature of knowledge and wisdom. Highly recommended for any reader of popular nonfiction or facts’ seekers.

Reviewed by Catherine McMullen

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