By Larry King
Weinstein Books, $15.00, 248 pages

After a long-standing career in asking people questions, Larry King answers them himself in his latest book, Truth Be Told. He writes candidly about the days leading up to the end of his show’s 25-year run on CNN, such as what he was going through in his personal life and how special his last guests were to him.

He knows what the reader wants and he delivers as he reminisces about many great guests. He’s interviewed nearly everyone who’s anyone in entertainment and politics. He names whom he’d love to interview and makes a surprising announcement about his future plans. (Oh no, he’s not retiring yet!)

Modesty and frankness intact, King’s voice really comes through the page in this quick, entertaining read. If you enjoyed watching Larry King Live over the years, think of this book as the show’s encore performance.

Reviewed by Alicea Swett

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