By Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott
Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.99, 127 pages

If you’re a fan of the comic strip Zits, you’ll want to run out and get Zombie Parents and Other Hopes for a More Perfect World. It’s the epitome of parenting a lazy teenager and the true humor behind it all. In fact, it’s designed more for the parents of a teenager than the teenagers themselves. Ask one, they won’t think it’s that funny because they don’t take training their parents lightly.

Jeremy is definitely at it again, avoiding and using his parents, doing only the most minimal work to get by at home and in school only now, he imagines his parents as zombies and it makes it more bearable for him.

Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman know what it means to parent a young adult and how their minds operate, not to mention an endless supply of fresh material for a serial strip and the one-liners. This installment of Zits will make you produce laugh-out-loud amusement, titters of delight and groans of disgust all at the same time. It would make a great gift for both parents and teens. Two green, lopped-off limbs up for this one!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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