By Simon Spurrier, Rebecca Levene and Al Ewing
Abaddon Books, $12.99, 623 pages

What happens after the apocalypse decimates the United States? There are still pockets of innocent people struggling for day-to-day survival. There are people willing to play on the weaknesses of others during uncertain times. Editor Jonathan Oliver asked authors to write a piece based on a general theme of survivors viewing the end of the world as a new chance for adventure and opportunity. Afterblight Chronicles: America features three full-length novels under one cover. The Culled, by Simon Spurrer, has one tough main character. While in London doing government work, he (we don’t learn his name) must fight off roving gangs and ultimately take down the leadership of the corrupt Church of the New Dawn. Spurrer mixes religious ideology with violence and an unknown future. In  Rebecca Levene’s Kill or Cull, Jasmine finds herself trapped on a luxury cruise liner, one of the safest places to be away from all the contagious the cull has created. What does the captain have in store for her? Finally, All Ewing’s Death Got No Mercy has a whole lot of violence and Cade, a character with nothing to lose and itch to fight whatever baddie comes his way. This book makes a great addition to the post-apocalyptic science fiction genre.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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