Move Over, Jack Sparrow!

By G. J. Koch
Night Shade Books, 300 pages, $14.99

Captain Alexander Napoleon Outlander is known throughout the galaxy as a space pirate. His friends call him Nap, the woman he loves calls him a dog, and he’s likely to be called a ladies’ man. Read all about his adventures in Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G. J. Koch. This is the first in her planned sci-fi series. Nap is at the helm of Space Vessel 3369 (called the Sixty-Nine). What begins as a routine pickup and delivery turns into a fight with a dangerous armada. Nap, with the help of his crew, must figure out how to outwit the rogues. Along the way they’ll run into the military, the mob and various ladies who aren’t too happy with Nap.

Koch’s book is very funny. Readers will find themselves chuckling at Outland’s antics, innuendos and great one-liners. He is sarcastic and witty, which makes for great dialogue. The cast of supporting characters is terrific. Slinkie, security chief and weapons controller, tries to resist Nap’s charm. Security chief Randolph wants a girlfriend. The Governor, a passenger along for the ride, offers good advice. And Audrey is the on-board computer who helps when she can. Attention sci-fi fans: this is not a hard-core book. Koch includes humor, romance (although not as much as her other books), and plenty of action. This is one space adventure that readers will be happy to follow.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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