By Elliott Kaufman
Abbeville Kids, $14.95, 64 pages

This clever children’s book inspires creativity and imagination in young ones by showing different photographed pictures of each letter in the alphabet, such as different bricks depicting the letter E, service poles in the shape of the letter A, and a breathtaking photo of a new fern frond in the shape of a P. This book brilliantly uses both man-made and nature-made structures to teach our young ones not only the alphabet, but also to use their minds to see those letters, possibly inspiring them to find their own alphabet in their own world.

Alphabet Everywhere is just that. It displays the letters we use every day in structures and nature we see every day. Eagerness compels one to skip to the letter Q to see what author and photographer Elliott Kaufman would do for that quirky letter. No spoilers here, but it’s guaranteed to make you smile! This book is designed for children, but this reviewer found many big kids at heart enjoying the pictures and clever manipulation within the eye of the camera.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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