Arlo Introduces Children To the Eye Doctor

By Barney Saltzberg
Workman Publishing, 22 pages, $15.95

Children will love oogling Barney Saltzberg’s newest book, Arlo Needs Glasses. Arlo, a beloved family dog with comically fluffy white fur, has a hard time playing fetch because he can’t see the ball. Arlo’s owner, who already has glasses, takes the poor nearsighted pup to the eye doctor, where Arlo goes through the steps a normal person would during an eye exam. Arlo reads the chart, looks through the phoropter and identifies when he can and cannot see. It’s clear – Arlo needs glasses. He looks for glasses that suit him and finally lands on the perfect pair. In the end, Arlo and his boy are able to play fetch, and read, too!

This is a wonderfully interactive book where children are able to make Arlo play fetch, pull tabs to make his eyes move, and even look into the phoropter to see what Arlo sees. It is a wonderful addition to any library, especially since so many children need corrective lenses. With Arlo, teachers and parents are able to address the process of going to the eye doctor and show that glasses can be cool! But most importantly, it shows children that glasses are necessary to help them see the world and do the things they love to do.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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