By Dan Green
Blue Slip Media, $8.99, 128 pages

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the ocean in depth? Welcome to the crazy underwater world found in Oceans: Making Waves!. A crew of quirky characters is prepared to meet you as you discover the magic and mystery lurking above and below the world’s oceans. The Shoreline Crew, Open-water Crew, Deep-down Dandies, Frosty Fellows and the Ocean Explorers offer first person narratives detailing their unique qualities and abilities. Each entry also has trivia type details like size, average speed, life span, scientific names and location. All the facts and figures are grounded in the actual research of Dr. Frances Dipper. Author Dan Green does an excellent job of explaining tough scientific concepts while using a fun, personality-filled approach. Children will learn to use a research-style book as they encounter a Table of Contents, individual chapters, an Index and a Glossary. Simon Basher’s edgy and cute Manga-inspired illustrations will delight and entertain readers. The included pull-out poster features the oceanic characters found in the book. Teachers can hang it in their classrooms to reinforce learning and kids will want to display it in their rooms.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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