By Accord Publishing and Heather Brown
Accord Publishing, $7.99, 12 pages

Kids love interactive books. Now little ones can have their own fun with a board book built with a working mouth! Chomp!: A Pull-tab Book, by Heather Brown, is perfect for even the youngest readers. Kids will love feeling the raised front cover – the crocodile’s reptilian skin feels bumpy and his teeth are pointy. Help your child build and strengthen hand-eye coordination and motor skills as they manipulate the pull tab and turn each page. With a pull of the tab, the featured animal’s teeth chomp open and closed on the right side of the two page layout. On the left side a cut-out circle highlights the type of skin found on each animal. Encourage your child to imitate the animals as the mouth moves: growl along with the leopard, yawn with the polar bear, laugh with the orangutan, chomp with the shark and roar with the lion. As each animal gets bigger, the mouth and teeth get bigger! Compare the unique skin of each animal. How do a leopard’s black spots and a polar bear’s white fur help them stay camouflaged? What do you think a shark’s skin feels like? Boys and girls will be drawn to the book’s colorful and bright illustrations. If you like Chomp!, look for the up coming Chomp! Zoo.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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