By Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen
St. Martin’s Press, 416 pages, $27.99

Psychologist Faces Danger While Assisting Murder Investigation

Having been blind from birth until surgery at age twenty, psychologist Kendra Michaels had developed acute perceptive abilities. After receiving sight, she greedily noticed everything. In the past, her talents had been used by the FBI to help solve four cases. She had become personally involved with an agent, and was left traumatized by the crimes and hurt by the break-up. She was unexpectedly contacted by former FBI agent Adam Lynch, who was now working for the Justice Department and had been assigned to assist the FBI with a case. Her first reaction, after finding out what he wanted, was to say no. When Lynch told her that Jeff, her former lover, had gone missing, she was drawn in. Jeff had been working a case involving six homicides. As they searched for Jeff, they were plunged into a complex mystery and danger. Lynch and Kendra rushed from lead to lead, hoping to stop the killings and find Jeff.

Iris Johansen has produced seventeen successful and popular novels. She is long known for writing mysteries filled with interesting people and exciting plots. To quote from the book itself, “It was like reading a book where every description and character becomes your character, your world.” An apt description of the Johansens’ work.

Close Your Eyes draws you in to an engrossing and thrilling tale that will entertain you from the first page to the very last. Surprising plot twists make compelling reading to the shocking conclusion.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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