By Richard David Bach
CreateSpace, $15.00, 538 pages

Cruises are supposed to be filled with passengers having the time of their lives. This isn’t the case for those sailing on “Lady of the Lake”. Danger lurks behind closed doors. Readers meet a mystery man who, after murdering a female prostitute on its board, thinks to himself, “Number sixty-seven. One step closer.” Wanting to avoid any negative publicity, the cruise line’s head of security hires Raam, who is recently back from serving in Afghanistan, to investigate this. Raam’s first clue is a video of a shadowed figure revealing his aspiration to be the most imaginative and prolific serial killer of all time. The mysterious killer states that he has already murdered 89 people, including nine on the company’s various cruise ships over last three years. The game is on – he challenges Raam to catch him before he murders the tenth cruise passenger. On the board of “Merry Mexico” Raam meets Kayman Karl, a private investigator hired by the father of one of the missing women and together they are looking for a way to stop the killer. Richard David Bach’s Common Enemy is fast-paced and fun. Readers who cruise will no doubt enjoy this mystery on the high seas.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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