By E. D. Baker
Bloomsbury Kids, $16.99, 243 pages

Tamisin is half-human, half-fairy, a fact that she only learned of a few months ago. Stolen from her home for protection, she has grown up in the human world and has loving parents, friends and a boyfriend, Jak (himself a half-goblin). Tamisin can’t resist the lure of the Fey, though, and pines to return to the land of her mother, the Queen. Stolen away by her father’s soldiers, Tamisin is placed under a spell and soon forgets her boyfriend or any thought of returning home.

Fairy Lies initially seems to be a fun, cute children’s story about fairies. The author has created a nice premise about a half-fairy, complete with pointy ears and wings, living in the human world and trying to balance out her two halves.  However, the main character is so irritating in her behavior and thoughts that it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure to read this book. Tamisin tends to not tell people how she feels and then gets angry when they don’t understand her. Additionally, the comments throughout the book about how the main character is not slender and even “chunky” are concerning, given that the book is geared toward young girls.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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