By Oscar Wilde, Illustrated by P. Craig Russell
NBM Publishing, $16.99, 32 pages

This book is a rich take on Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale, “The Happy Prince.” The story tells of a little swallow that, on its way to Egypt, meets the statue of the Happy Prince. The prince tells the swallow of the misery and sadness of the people that he sees from his pedestal. The swallow agrees to take the best of the prince and give it to those who are suffering, resulting in the ultimate sacrifice from both the prince and the swallow.

This is a beautiful story of the best and worst of man. Wilde has a wonder way of bringing life into the suffering of the common man, as well as honoring the beauty of sacrificing yourself for those around you. The story brings to light the privilege that many of us have, and how the selfishness and greed of others break the hearts of the city. If you love other stories, such as “Old Turtle,” that teach your young ones the most important lessons of love, this is a wonderful book for you.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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