by Fanny Merkin (a.k.a. Andrew Shaffer)
Da Capo Press, $13.99, 217 pages

Anna Steal is a struggling college student when she first encounters billionaire tycoon Earl Grey.  With his grey (of course) eyes, good looks and ability to buy up large companies within seconds, she finds herself unable to resist his stalker-like charms. As their relationship grows during their week-long courtship, Anna is introduced to exciting things like elevators and private Hawaiian resorts.  But will she be able to tame the elusive Earl and win his heart forever?

Fifty Shames of Earl Grey is a ridiculously funny parody of the original book by a similar name. Spoofing the original series in every way, the book brings hilarity to the nonsense plot by making it even more nonsensical, making jabs at the original works origins in fan fiction and emphasizing the author’s view that Portland is made of grass and mud. There is truly no way to put this book down once it is started so make sure you have some spare time to read. Staying true to the original work, this book may make you laugh until you cry.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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