By Christy Van Heukelem, Tom Fuller and the News-Register
Arcadia Publishing, $21.99, 128 pages

These Images of America books do a wonderful service for the community. They help showcase a community, or small town, that many people may have heard of but knew little of its specific history. While the major cities and regions have been covered, more and more smaller towns are getting this treatment which is wonderful. They help bring these small communities to life and keep the history alive; local, rural, and farming oriented. This is the case with this volume; its focus on the city of McMinnville, Oregon, a small farming community southwest of Portland, with a small college, local library, and local schools. In this volume we get to see the city grow up through the years in fascinating pictures from the early days of Linfield College, to the first electric poles and the people working in the hops fields outside of town. McMinnville is one of those rural towns that has retained its charm throughout the decades. This book helps keep that spirit alive by connecting the city to its past with informative pictures and captions.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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