By Michael J. Daley, Illustrated by Thomas F. Yezerski
Charlesbridge, $5.95, 48 pages

How do you make your favorite kind of soup? Do you sprinkle in a pinch of this and add a dash of that? Author Michael J. Daley tells the story of two friends who both love soup, but each has their own opinions on how it should be made. In Pinch and Dash Make Soup, Pinch and Dash are animals who happen to be neighbors and best friends. Pinch is hungry for soup, but too lazy to make any. His refrigerator is bare except for one potato, some spinach, and a bit of cheese. Time to go see what Dash is cooking! Pinch packs his pepper shaker and a bottle of hot sauce because Dash never adds enough spice to his soup. Dash is cooking skinny soup – not much in it except broth and one acorn. What can Pinch do to help make the soup fatter? Can the two friends make the perfect soup or will a spat about spices ruin lunch? This creative book introduces the important concepts of cooperation, friendship, sharing, compromise and problem solving. Thomas F. Yezerski’s pen, ink and watercolor illustrations are playful and charming. He communicates the characters’ feelings through detailed facial expressions. Invite Pinch and Dash into your home. Soup’s on!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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