By Karen Katz
Schwartz & Wade Books, $6.99, 32 pages

Many little girls dream of becoming a princess. Celebrate this fun fantasy with Karen Katz’s book, Princess Baby. This young girl has a problem. No one calls her by her real name. It is always Buttercup, Giggly Goose, Sweet Gumdrop, or Little Lamb. She wants to be known by her royal name – Princess Baby! What can she do to make people realize their mistake? She’ll wear her shiny crown, fancy dress, velvet cape and glittery jewels. She’ll carry her royal wand. At tea time, surrounded by her royal stuffed animal subjects, she’ll exhibit perfect manners and she’ll dance with princes. Will her parents call her Missy Muffin, Peanut, or Creamsicle? Will they finally call her Princess Baby? Katz knows how important sparkles are to a pint-size princess. On the book’s cover, Princess Baby wears a 3D gold glittery shoes and a brilliant golden crown. Little ones will enjoy running their fingers over the raised accessories. This sturdy board book will hold up well to multiple readings and sticky hands. The colorful illustrations will captivate and entertain young readers. If your little one falls in love with Princess Baby, check out Princess Baby on the Go! and Princess Baby Night-Night.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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