By Frank Pellegrino, Jr.
St. Martin’s Press, $35.00, 176 pages

Do you find yourself grilling the same cut of meat, the same way every time? Well, Frank Pellegrino, Jr. has come to your rescue with his book, Rao’s On The Grill. Pellegrino is a fourth-generation restaurant owner of a New York City landmark restaurant in East Harlem, the theater district, and a restaurant in Las Vegas. Clearly, Pellegrino and his family know how to cook. This book boasts 80 recipes, from salad to inventive desserts on the grill. The table of contents is neatly laid out with appetizers and salads, beef, pork, veal, chicken and seafood. Additionally, there are chapters on pasta, pizza (yes, pizza on the grill!), vegetables and desserts. Pellegrino’s goal of getting you to use your grill to the fullest is easily accomplished, whether cooking the entire meal on the grill or just using it for the finishing touches. The pages are well laid out, with ingredients on the left and clear instructions on the right. The book is littered with appetizing photos, and the ingredients are common and easy to find at your local store.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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