By Peter Bently, Illustrated by Rob McPhillips
Parragon Books, $7.99, 32 pages

Teaching young children how to share and be kind to others can be a difficult challenge for parents. Sometimes the best way to teach something is to role model it by doing it yourself. In Peter Bently’s book Say Please, Little Bear, a determined Daddy Bear discovers the most effective way to show Little Bear how fun sharing, taking turns, and being helpful can be. On the way to kindergarten, Daddy Bear must remind the curious cub to keep up and hold his hand. In the classroom, Daddy Bear reminds Little Bear to be gentle when playing with his friends. When shopping for a gift for Little Bunny’s birthday party, Daddy Bear gets an idea. Daddy Bear tells a surprised Little Bear that a purple mouse wants to talk to them! Mouse wants to go to the party too, but he hates being late. What do you know? Little Bear hurries to the party and arrives on time. When Mouse politely asks for a ride on the train, Little Bear mimics the behavior. Illustrator Rob McPhillips fills each page with love. His use of soft pastels makes a sweet story even sweeter. This book will help introduce and reinforce important concepts of friendship and kindness.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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