By Penny Arlon
Scholastic Reference, $12.99, 80 pages

Did you know that there are 17 different types of penguins? Find out this and more in this nonfiction book by Penny Arlon that teaches kids how to research and read about science. Each page is formatted similarly. A brief introduction explains the topic, labels identify different penguin species, small text gives interesting facts about the pictures, the data box gives vital statistics about every penguin, and the “bottom line” offers bite-sized facts and challenges the reader with questions. Learn about the anatomy of a book by referring to the table of contents, glossary, and index. Concepts like extinction, endangered species, and conservation efforts are covered.

Great for the classroom or a family library, Scholastic Discover More: Penguins uses a variety of methods to impart new knowledge to readers including charts, maps, and even an interview with a penguin photographer. Children will especially enjoy learning about the 70-mile march that emperor penguins take every winter in the Antarctic. Compare and contrast the physical adaptations between species, nesting habits, diet, and behavior. Beautiful photography captures the essence of each beautiful bird. A digital companion has new material and interactive activities, including 48 pages of additional content, 15 illustrated encyclopedia entries, and 20 illustrated dictionary entries.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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