By Jason Fry & Paul R. Urquhart
LucasBooks, $30.00, 250 pages

It’s weird how complete the Star Wars universe is, given its origins. This book covers the history of warfare in the Star Wars universe. The Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War are both covered in extreme detail, but other eras are covered as well. Heroes, villains and equipment are explained quite well, and there are maps of each campaign. There is a lot of detail in this book, and it makes for some very interesting reading.

Although a lot of information is provided here, it is interesting how the big names are avoided. Of the people profiled, it seems that none of the major characters gets a profile; General Grievous and Admiral Ackbar are the most well known names profiled. It is a valid approach; however, given how much is known on, say, Darth Vader, it just seems like a weird omission. Also, a general listing with pictures of weapons and ships would have been appreciated. Nevertheless, there are many gorgeous illustrations, as well as some incredible detail throughout. This is not just a book for the completist, but for anyone looking at war strategy in general.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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