By Michael K. Kellogg
Prometheus Books, $28.00, 332 pages

Michael K. Kellogg offers an argument about the continued relevance of the classics in today’s society. In individual chapters about the ten greatest Greek authors, Kellogg explores their contributions and how they helped create the modern world.  Each chapter focuses on the life of the featured author and the relevance of the times in which the author lived to his works. It also includes a discussion of the works of the author, including an outline of the contents, their meanings and an explanation of why they remain relevant today.

Lucid writing (Kellogg was trained as both a lawyer and philosopher) creates a new understanding of humans required to achieve the wisdom necessary for an ordered society and self-awareness. The achievement of The Greek Search for Wisdom  is not simply its lively and successful dramatization of the search for wisdom, nor its insightful revelations of the most fundamental features of man’s uniqueness; rather it is the story of human nature, based upon heroic individuals of extraordinary talent, which makes this book an educational and, for the health of our polis, a necessary read.

Reviewed by Neil Liss

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