By Charles Paul Curcio
Delphi University Press, 212 pages, $18.95

The New Day is Your Choice

Author Charles Paul Curcio relays his life’s events that led him to an entirely new way of thinking, living and being in his first book, The New Day: An Autobiography, Entrepreneur’s Guide, & Spiritual Primer. He began a tire selling business and brought it to a national-level success, at which time he sold his interest and worked as a consultant. One day, Curcio has a conversation with God that changes his life. He openly embraces all forms of understanding and self-awareness, seeking answers in his own life. Ultimately, he becomes a healer and a teacher during this journey.

But the mind can often confuse and mislead us, and is subject to the pitfalls of the emotions and the desires. The heart is always true… But just let them feel it once, and they will be a believer. The truth is in the feeling.”

The story itself grabs you right away and carries you along, forcing you to read faster as you absorb every word to find out what happens next in his life. The message is clear throughout the whole book: when we pay attention to what the Christ and the Universe is trying to tell us or guide us through, our lives will be richer and less stressful. Not to say that life will be easy, just smoother as we use our experiences to teach us and move on to the next life lesson.

While the story is moving and rich, the author would benefit greatly by a good and brutally honest editor for syntax, grammar and spelling. Often times, the story read like an investigational report accounting for activities in an almost checklist style. Some events shared lacked the explanation to bring readers to where he was emotionally at the time, such as his willingness to leave his first wife without question, following the advice of a psychic reader hired for a friend’s party. It makes the reader question the stability of the author’s judgment and thus his credibility. However, it was most definitely the right move for the author because his soul mate awaited him later in his journey.

One thing is consistent throughout his entire tale; he is always open to learning new things and changing the course of his life because he believes in the forces beyond this realm. That knowledge gives him power and, truer still, peace.

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