By Francesca Kay
Scribner, $24.00, 227 pages

Mary-Margaret O’Reilly has never been considered special. She’s not too bright, not too pretty and has a neediness about her that challenges those around her, including her parish priest, Father Diamond. Mary-Margaret’s life is changed, however, when she discovers a miracle in the church when cleaning the statue of Jesus. Now strong in the belief that she was chosen for a special destiny, Mary-Margaret descends into a world of delusion and her resulting actions have devastating consequences for her and those around her.

The Translation of the Bones is the second novel (and first U.S. release) by author Francesca Kay. It is a pity that readers in the United States are late to discover this author as her writing is sublime. From the first page, the reader is caught in the spell of the story of Mary-Margaret. The images created are vivid and haunting, as is the story itself. Be warned:  this book is impossible to put down and is one that will stay with the reader long after the last page is read.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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