by Kelley Armstrong
Dutton, $26.95, 444 pages

Kelley Armstrong’s Thirteen is the final book in her “Women of the Otherworld” series. She once again turns to Savannah Levine as her primary narrator, a move that finishes the series showing the coming of the next generation. This book continues where Spellbound left off, as Savannah, and her friends and allies, battle against the reveal movement. They, as their name suggests, want to reveal the existence of supernaturals to the mundane world. In Thirteen, the conflict escalates to a larger scale, as supernatural beings who have never before been involved try to influence the mortal world. Readers who have been fans of the series will appreciate the ending, as we get one last cameo from all of our favorite characters throughout the series.

The strongest part of this book is Savannah as the narrator. She becomes a likable, engaging, and adult voice in this book, not the whiny or rebellious teenager she was in previous books. The ending, however, is not as tightly plotted as some of the earlier books in the series. As Armstrong’s universe has grown, she has trouble stuffing everyone into one novel. Nevertheless, it is still an enjoyable read. Longtime readers will also appreciate the additional material, a forward and epilogue, which feature Elena. This really helps Thirteen feel like it finishes the series.

Reviewed by Katie Richards

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