By Peter Bently, Illustrated by Deborah Meimon
Parragon, $5.38, 32 pages

It is laundry day for Dog! The weather is sunny and warm and so Dog decides to hang his clean underpants out on the clothes line. He has quite a collection; underpants decorated with sailboats, dog bones, zebra print, palm fronds, polka dots, yellow stars, and even cats! But suddenly thunder and lightning fill up the sky. In Underpants Thunderpants by Peter Bently, Dog’s underpants take off on quite an adventure. Caught up in the wind, they travel over the ocean, jungle, and town. Where will they end up? A submarine captain spies a pair floating down into the deep blue sea. An octopus wriggles and jiggles with glee when he finds four pairs of pants to put on his eight legs! A monkey creates a perfect disguise with a pair of palm frond pants when a crocodile hunts him in the jungle. What will an elephant use when he feels a huge sneeze coming on?  Why a giant handkerchief of course! Shhh, don’t tell him it is a pair of underpants! Even an alien gets into the act. Early readers will enjoy this silly picture book’s fun rhymes. Illustrator Deborah Meimon presents the story of a lovable dog in bright colors.

Reviwed by Kathryn Franklin

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