By Carrie Clickard, Illustrated by Mark Meyers
Flashlight Press, $16.95, 32 pages

Victricia Malicia Calamity was born to pirating: her mother is the captain of the vessel they live on, her father is the cook, and her sisters have happily joined the family business of looting and plundering. Victricia, though, is different, as she has not found joy in being a pirate. She can’t tie a knot properly, cook, or swab the deck. What she really wants to do is live on land and read books, a desire that leaves her family and the other pirates perplexed. Will Victricia be allowed to follow her dreams, or will she have to live a life of dull pirating in the family tradition?

Victricia Malicia: Book-Loving Buccaneer is a fun book for kids and highlights the importance of following your dreams, even if they are different than your family’s dreams. The book is written in rhyme and is frequently funny, and the illustrations are fun and colorful. This story on the whole is a great one for kids, especially if they, too, have an abiding love for books.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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