By Alethea Williams and Victoria Harben
Jargon Media, LLC, $11.99, 159 pages

When World War I erupts across Europe, Francesca Sittoni and Kent Read are brought together by an inexplicable sense of desperation and loneliness that plague them both. Francesca travels to America and works for Kent as a cook and housekeeper in a coal town in Wyoming. With the way Kent treats her, Francesca feels like she thorn in his side. The neighbors pry and try to convince Francesca to leave the house, explaining that she is actually a mail-order bride. In her book Willow Vale, author Alethea Williams creates a compelling story about people fighting for their lives during a time of fear. Williams does her best to portray life during the war, but does not flood the book with enough historical information about the era. Williams’ brilliant use of imagery and description adds enchanting details to this beautiful love story.

Reviewed by Liz Friedman

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