By Cynthia Ulrich Tobias
WaterBrook Press, $15.99, 192 pages

Strong-willed children make things interesting for everyone. You Can’t Make Me is a book about how to deal with those children that make your life interesting, without breaking their will. Rather than dealing with them by trying to force them to do what they refuse to do, this book shows you ways of dealing with them that gets the task done but does not damage the relationship with them.

The tips presented here are great for parents that are reaching their wits’ end with their kid. There are a number of solutions on how to deal with your typical strong-willed child, ranging from making the child part of the solution, to how to negotiate from a position of strength. It also points out that this may cause a problem between parents as one adapts the system but the other does not, and how to bridge that gap. There are plenty of examples where this system worked, and the writing itself makes this book fun to read while at the same time maintaining its seriousness. This book presents a great solution for dealing with strong-willed children that works, while not taking itself seriously to the point of unreadability.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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