Who Let the Zombies Out?

By Christopher Golden
St. Martin’s Press, $15.99, 339 pages

Readers obsessed with the undead and resurrections are always looking for the newest zombie story to keep them up at night. Fans need look no further than 21st Century Dead: A Zombie Anthology. Editor Christopher Golden (also known for The New Dead anthology) is an award-winning author of books for adults and teens. In this fantastic anthology, every single one of the nineteen stories is new and never before published. This is a very rare treat. Daniel H. Wilson is the New York Times bestselling author of Robopocalypse and his tale “Parasite” is set in this world. Kurt Sutter, acclaimed creator of the popular television show Sons of Anarchy, contributes “Tic Boom: A Slice of Love” to the line-up. Fans of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game and all of his series will enjoy reading “Carousel,” a story about resurrection. Simon R. Green is well known for creating the Secret Histories series about secret agent Shamon Bond. Readers will be entertained by “Down and Out in Dead Town.”

What makes us like zombie so much? It might be because stories about the shambling dead are just so darn scary. Find out why you are drawn to the genre as you read this spooky collection.

By Kathryn Franklin

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