Not So Dirty Minds

by Kayt Sukel
Free Press, $25.00, 270 pages

Kayt Sukel writes with humor (quips such as “performance anxiety, fMRI style”) and a definite scientific approach in her new book, Dirty Minds: How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex, and Relationships. Maybe “it’s the cheeseburgers” (see chapter 4), but this reviewer found that Sukel’s book is best taken in small doses, sessions, or whatever you want to call them, and put back on your reference – not Friday night entertainment – shelf. Sukel can certainly come across as down to earth (read about her own experiment with a product called Boarmate, post Boo Boo the cat, that is) as she can academic, with those numerous neuroscientific studies. At times, however, there is too much lapse between the playful enlightenment of experiences, such as the “think off” with her friend Trixie’s fixation on Johnny Depp, to the drudgery of yet another explanation of “the exact molecular mechanisms underlying epigenetic changes” taking place in one’s brain. Hopefully, you get the picture. Not without warning as to the “course of her journey,” the author does present thoughtful research and didn’t mind getting her own feet wet in the process.

Reviewed by Kathleen Godwin

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