This is What Happens When Your Video Game Comes to Life

By Sean Austin
AAA Reality Games, $11.99, 296 pages

Imagine that you master a video game; in virtual reality, you defeat a villain that is pure predator. Now imagine that this villain has come to life with a personal vendetta against you. This is the fear upon which Sean Austin has built his new series, Echo’s Revenge.

Its first book, The Ultimate Game, is as fast-paced and action-packed as a video game itself. Reggie (14) and Jeremy (11) are expert gamers and Reggie is invited by AAA reality games to test the game’s newest form. When Reggie visits AAA against the orders of Asa, his mother’s abusive boyfriend, Asa gives both Reggie and Jeremy the beating of a lifetime. A terrifying adventure from Washington to California ensues. The boys run from Asa, but soon discover they have greater fears to attend to. Will they be able to escape from both the human and non-human predators that hunt them?

The young-adult books currently on the market overwhelmingly cater to a female audience, and it can be difficult to find contemporary books for boys. Since the majority of male teens enjoy action and suspense the Echo’s Revenge series is sure to be popular with middle school youngsters.

Reviewed by Emily Davis

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