Sly Fox and Tricky Crow Have Fun!

By Melissa Wiley, Illustrated by Sebastien Braun

Random House Books for Young Readers 3.99 48 pages

Fox and Crow are Not Friendsis a level 3 Step into Reading book.  Fox and Crow’s fight begins with Fox tricking Crow into dropping his cheese into the Fox’s mouth. Thus begins the battle for Crow to retaliate by tricking Fox. Once Crow tricks Fox, then Fox must create a plan to trick Crow again. But Fox’s theft from Mama Bear will lead to a funny (and educational) conclusion.

This book is divided into chapters for your more advanced reader. The story is interesting and will keep your reader engaged until he reaches the end. There is also a good moral lesson in the book—tricks, stealing and fighting do not end well. After all, it is better to work together with your friends. The colorful pictures and the humorous plot of trickery with make your reader laugh and giggle while practicing his reading skills!

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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