Life, Death, and Somewhere In-Between


By Corey Redekop

ECW Press, $18.95, 305 pages.

Sheldon Funk was never more shocked than when he woke up in the morgue still breathing despite being basically hollow. A struggling actor in life, he finds that little has changed after death other than his chances of being a handsome leading man. Initially struggling to do basic things like move and talk, Sheldon soon finds himself in demand as an actor but struggles with his baser impulses of eating everyone he meets.

Husk is a hilarious and sometimes endearing chronicle of Sheldon the zombie by author Corey Redekop. The story is told from Sheldon’s point of view which is wonderfully wry and sardonic. Sheldon’s attempt at regaining his humanity elicit mixed feelings from the reader as they both sympathize with and are horrified by him. Sheldon’s increasing alienation from the human race and sense of loss over his death and afterlife are at times poignant and frequently funny (and also a little gross). If a witty zombie tale is what you are looking for, Husk is a book you will not want to miss.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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