Vulgar Corpse Seeks Vindication

by Jutta Profijt
AmazonCrossing, $14.95, 242 pages

Small-time crook Pascha Lerchenberg dies and becomes the client of Martin, the coroner. Martin thinks that Pascha’s death was an accident, but Pascha begs to differ. Pascha, though most definitely dead and disembodied, can somehow communicate with Martin. He is desperate to prove that he was murdered and pesters Martin until the coroner agrees to investigate.

“Two men came over, stuffed my body in my to-go box, and hauled me away.”

The story is propelled by the relationship between quiet, buttoned-down Martin and dubious, louche and intrusive Pascha. While Morgue Drawer Four will probably not make mystery readers anxiously await a sequel, it does make for a fun “odd couple” caper that will keep readers entertained for a few hours.

Reviewed by Chris King

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