Jogging on Knowledge

By Gilberto Davila
CreateSpace, 40 pages, $18.99

Looking back, we take scientific facts for granted. People used to believe that breaking the sound barrier would cause you to hit an invisible barrier, killing you on impact. Today that seems like a silly notion, but until we push and question our facts, we’ll never know the truth. In the book Running on Empty, Gilberto Davila, Jr., explores the known universe around us and peers behind the veil of current scientific thought. The book’s main focus is on looking at old ideas and challenging them. Since the big bang, gravity and magnetism have existed side by side. The book goes to great lengths to look at many different questions and challenges us to think about them. Hopefully, by unlocking the mysteries of the universe, we can help understand our place in the cosmos.

I am no physicist, and I had no problem understanding the book. Davila uses simple words and the ideas are very fascinating. I liked how he explained the concepts of “emptiness” and “nothing.” These words have been misinterpreted. Nothingness should not be used when thinking about the big bang. The universe was not created out of nothingness but out of emptiness, like a jar that is empty. The most interesting thought brought up by Davila is that the sun is powered by magnetic pressure and speed. I like how the book wants you to challenge the ideas long thought to be fact, like Einstein’s observation that light is the fastest thing in the universe. Some of the ideas I did need to look up so that I had a better understanding, like dark matter. This book might be the start of something big, and I look forward to another book expanding these ideas. Hopefully in the future, we will have all the answers of time and space, and the entire universe will be at humanities’ doorstep.

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