By Lisa Ard
CreateSpace, 144 pages, $8.99

Saving Halloween is the imaginative story of an unlikely friendship between Anne Parson and Halloween Spavento. Anne is a smart academic who is a social outcast at her school. Instead of having friends, Anne spends her time adhering to her parent’s robust schedule of learning for Anne’s development. Her world is turned upside down when she wanders off while her tutor is napping and her feet take her through the orchard. Once there, she bumps into the quirky and unusual Halloween Spavento.

“Anne looked down at her feet and scuffed the roadway. “In fact, I don’t have any friends.” “Now you do.” Halloween linked her arm in Anne’s and the girls continued on together.”

Anne and Halloween become fast friends; however, one day Anne’s arch nemesis Alicia and her two friends confront the two girls. Halloween is able to show Anne the meaning of courage when she stands up to Alicia.

The Spavento family throws a Halloween party that the entire town is invited to in an effort to create the magic to believe in Halloween. Will Anne find her place with her new-found confidence? Will Anne learn to see what is right in front of her and explain how Halloween and her family seem to make things happen like magic? Will Anne and those around her find a way to accept who they really are?

This is a darling story of learning and accepting who you are. The reader develops a feeling of sympathy with Anne’s structured life feeling her frustration and lack of fulfillment. A breath of fresh air is brought to the story when Anne and Halloween meet. Halloween remains a mysterious character as unusual things keep happening around her that Anne is unable to explain. The reader also falls in love with the eclectic mix of individuals who make up Halloween’s family.

Saving Halloween is strongly recommended to those who are interested in recognizing uncertainty about yourself, and finding the magic of who you really are.

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